The Lockout Meets The Back :-)

I left my brain inside my burrow today! 

Seriously.  I’ve been feeling all sluggish the entire day.  I think it’s the post-weekend effect. 🙂 I had one of the busiest long weekends ever–from marking papers to shopping for a blue dress for seven hours (LOL) to dining with friends to cleaning the house the whole day to attending vespers to writing a script to attending church and playing the violin with friends and answering church officers’ evaluation form to physically preparing for a banquet (and almost attended it with a bare face) to working (coordinating transportation, collecting registration fees and van fares, emceeing, etc.) to sleeping at past 2a.m. with five other ladies in my tiny flat to waking up early to attending birthday(s) and farewell parties to riding a van alone from Nonthaburi to entertaining friends who were curious about Pompeii (ended up watching a documentary) TO responding to a wandering email about a Facebook study. 🙂 Where did I get I all the energy to do all these? Well, from my Father in heaven. He’s been keeping me healthy and happy that I can’t help but be super energetic and enthusiastic at all times.  I feel down too sometimes–when I let my hormones get the best of me.  But after writing about how I feel, I normally go back to my upbeat mood.  

 With all my strength, I tried to carry out my duties and responsibilities for the day.  I woke up early and cleaned my place (to which I am not done yet because I still have some mopping to do.) Then I went to work to work, work, and work.  I decided to stay longer at school to finish my English 3 exam and God helped me finish it knowing that I cannot really work at home. 🙂 Now, I have one exam paper left to prepare.  I prepare 3 exam papers every quarter. Not bad, yeah? 🙂 

While chatting with a colleague on our way home, I got busy thinking what to do for the evening:

A) go for a walk

B) play cello

C) watch a movie, To Kill a Mockingbird, coz it’s been a while since I actually took time to watch one and enjoy it

D) eat out (it’s payday and I like to treat myself after 20 days of working LOL but there’s no one around to invite 😦 )


Finally, I was in front of my building (still thinking) when I realized that I left my key card inside my room! Brilliant, right? I forgot to get it from the bag I used yesterday! It was left sandwiched in between unmark quizzes inside my white and blue Naraya bag.  Awesome! It was already half past 5 in the afternoon when I arrived and the maid goes home at 5p.m. then the guard comes at 7p.m.  I just stayed calm and sent a quick prayer to God.  I just sang outside, checked FB, hoping to see if one of my friends/colleagues who is staying in the same building with me is up or home.  After twenty minutes or so of standing outside my building with a heavy black bag on right shoulder and take-out food from the caf on my left hand and a phone on my right, I heard a door open.  It was Ate Yzel! The one residing just under my room! Yay! Praise the Lord! I hurriedly asked if I could borrow her keycard, she threw it down, and my right hand caught it! In few seconds I was already inside the building, walking and leaping and praising God!

it really pays to be patient. 🙂

Lesson learned: Single Survival Skill #5-Always check your bag for keys, phone, passport, ATM cards, and insurance cards before leaving home.  Cosmetics are just secondary. 🙂

Yes, I left my brain inside my burrow today and I will try my best to bring it with me tomorrow. 🙂 Hehe.

P.S. I know I don’t have much photos from the banquet the other night and so when a friend mentioned me on the comment section in one of the photos, I quickly opened FB and checked the photo.  Hahaha. Excited much? YAP! Here’s the photo and I call it “The Back” because it features my back. 🙂 Hehe.  Gotta be grateful for everything, right? That’s what the Bible says and I am truly grateful for this! 



This photo serves as a proof that I was at the Adventist Youth Association of Central Zone 2 here in Bangkok. I WAS THERE.  🙂

Well, good night and God bless!


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