Take the Higher Ground

Oh! How easy it would be to be mean to people who are mean to us! How gratifying it would be to see people suffer after hurting us! But no, life’s not like that. We are even admonished by the Word of God to turn the other cheek when people slap us on one cheek. Yes, we may believe that life is about playing fair. But again, no, life’s not like that. With sin around us, we can’t expect any fairness in this world. There will always be people deemed better or lower than you. There will always be people who will try their very best to destroy. However, no matter how many selfish and ungrateful there are still in this world, I fully believe with all my heart that they won’t outnumber the people who are kindhearted, gentle-spirited, meek, loving, caring, forgiving, etc. That’s why we cannot give up on life. We cannot give up on people. We are to inculcate deep in our hearts and minds that whoever they are, whatever their educational background maybe, race, language, culture, still we are one in the eyes of God. That’s why when somebody comes and turns your life upside-down still we have to be good to them. Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.”

tobecontinuedverysleepyhere:) God bless!


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