Mend a Broken Heart

Broken-hearted? Go out and have fun!

I’ve been toying with the idea of going to the airport to eat a footlong honey oat tuna sandwich from Subway. I just like the idea of going there to chill, people-watch, read a book, take some photos, and eat. So, while on the cab to Fashion Island at noon today, I told my friend about my plan of hanging out at the airport. She was okay with the idea (because she knows that I am still mending a broken heart) so the driver took us to Suvarnabhumi International Airport.:) We hopped from one bookstore to another hoping to get a France Lonely Planet but to no avail. They have some of Thailand, Japan, Brazil, Italy, US, etc. Finally, we felt hungry and we looked for Subway. We were stunned to find out that there are three Subway restos at the airport alone! We went to the one at B1 floor and got what we wanted.:)

After going around the airport, we went to Fashion Island and bought shoes and watches. We splurged. This is what happens when I am broken-hearted.:)

We are home now. Few thousands baht poorer but few shoes and watches richer.:)

I thank God for our jobs that help us not only share His love to people and cultivate our talents but also help pay our bills and even our wants.:) There is no point for me wallowing because of what people think about me. Yes, they are entitled to their opinions but I have to be smarter enough to care for what truly matters. Life is too beautiful to be worrying about inane things. If there’s an opinion that really matters, it’s God’s. I should be more worried about what He thinks of me. I am not saying that I should not listen to what others say but what I’m trying to say is that I have to learn from all these experiences.

I am feeling a whole lot better now. Praise God!


20140309-232503.jpgen heart


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