Cluttered Thoughts As Usual

328 pages.
118 pages down.
210 pages more to go.

At 9pm, I thought of going to bed but I missed reading so I chose to read instead.:) This book is a pretty light read and very “teen-y” but I am reading it because a student suggested it to me.:) You know how it is when you assign classic readings to them, yeah? Well, I did. I assigned Jane Eyre, Little Women, and Pride and Prejudice to which very few of them appreciated those books. They’re asking me if they could read a contemporary teen lit but you know the answer to that, “Nope.” So here I am reading a story about a fifteen year old geek girl who turned into a model in return to my students’ “sufferings” in reading classic lit.:)

Updates: I am better now, by God’s grace. I am stunned that my sister called to check if I was okay.:) She got worried after seeing my instagram post entitled “Mending a Broken Heart.” Aww, praise God for sisters!

Initially, I thought of loading my laundry into a washing machine but after a short nap this evening I decided to wash them with my beautiful hands. Doing the laundry is therapeutic for me. 🙂

I actually felt great today. Most of my students complimented me for my appearance today. They were particularly surprised seeing me wearing make-up. Man, that was just eyeliner, eyebrow liner, light gray eyeshadow, powder, and red lipstick. Hmmmm. Oh, and I let my hair down today. Normally, they see me with a bun (my favorite hairdo).:)

Oh, I got presents today–chocolates and hand moisturizer. What a blissful day!

Well, this lady is off to bed. It’s time to talk to my Father about my day and to ask for His help for friends who are sick and those students who are treading a dangerous path of… God bless!

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