Feeling a Mom BUT Never a Mom:)

OK, OK, chill, I am not a mom yet. I don’t even know if I am ready to get married and have kids. Lately, the word “forever” has been creeping me out. Whew! A lifetime of commitment? That’s quite a lot to process in right now. But let me share with you a story that happened to me and my friend Vish after our dental appointment, OK?

So, Vish was feeling kinda down about her upper right molar tooth. She’s been putting off that big dental appointment for a root canal treatment for almost two years. Her dentist in Sri Lanka wanted her to do it but she chickened out and decided to fly to Bangkok without doing it.

Accidentally, she ate something that worsen the tooth scenario.

She needed to go to the dentist.

We went.

After seeing two dentists, doing two x-rays…I got my teeth scaling and polishing while she thinks of what to do with her dilemma.

We walked to The Paseo Town to eat.

Seeing the huge Yamaha Music School poster, we climbed up to the 3rd floor through the escalator and found out that the place is still under construction. We checked out the neighboring places and saw language, music, and art centers.

Then we saw GYMBOREE.

We got curious.

There were music notes plastered on the glass walls. “This must be a music school!” we thought. Two ladies welcomed us and before we could back out, we just found ourselves inquiring about possible music, art, and school skills programs for 0-6 years old!

Reality Check: I am single. Never married. No baby yet. Not a single mom. And so is Vish.

But when they asked us about the child’s age, I answered “three.” Three? Whose child was I imagining? I don’t have one. Anyway, we kept talking about the programs and found out that:

1) it’s really expensive to send a child to something like this
2) it’s really, really expensive
3) it’s very expensive

Then they told us that they provide free trial program for kids and they handed us a form to fill in with the child’s name, birthdate, etc.

Like what decent couples would do in situations like this, we told them that we’ll discuss about it. Haha.

Off we went.

I am not really sure what the GYMBOREE staff thought about us but theyre a great probability that they’d think we are lesbians.

Laughing so hard, we decided to eag tuna and olive pizza with mozarella spinach pasta at Wine Connection. Epic nyum!

Reflections: I want to be a mom. I want to see a little Shiela running around somewhere. I will definitely enroll her in all classes she’s interested in. I just hope I don’t become a stage mom to her just like how I am to my sister whom I love so much.:) I know God will help me to be the best mom that I can by His grace.

Good night & God bless.


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