Carry On

Ugh. Stress is beginning to suffocate me again. Work seems to be endless–one after the other. I literally divided my brain into compartments to make sure that I stay calm and focused while trying to get things done. However, whenever I find myself crossing out stuff from my TO DO LISTs, I’d end up adding more in place of what was crossed out. Crazy? Indeed.

So what to do?

1. Pray.
I hope He doesn’t mind me unloading all my worries unto His feet. Talking to Him lightens my burdens.

2. Be organized.
Haha call me geeky but I work best with lists. As long as I have the list/s of things to do I would never miss anything by God’s grace.

3. Keep a cheerful heart.
Working with a heavy heart isn’t fun at all. Work becomes work.:) It’s like working because you need to work. Try thinking of it as a passion, a ministry. For sure you will feel better and motivated to get things done knowing that God is your Master.

Anyway, I am almost done with the grades and I hope I can turn them in before I leave for the camp tomorrow. I am going to a pathfinder camp with the middle school students. All my bags are packed. But I wonder if I should bring my camera with me tho. Too heavy!

Lesson Plans? Sending them on Friday when I get back.

A friend’s favor? Done. Will pick them up on Sunday.

AY Program? Not yet.:( Please help me Lord.

Personal? Hmm…Reading? Yap, downloaded epubs already. Other things? It’s between me and my God.;)

Well, eyes are drooping here. I am feeling sick from eating two slices of veggie pizza.:( God bless!


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