Got Any Word of Encouragement? Say it!:)

Pathfinder Camp 2014!

We had Talent Show tonight with grades 5 & 6 and after worship I found out that a unit from grade 5 decided not to participate. Oh-oh. So, with the assistance of the pathfinder club deputy director I was able to talk to them and find out what actually happened why they cancelled. Reasons upon reasons, excuses upon excuses overflowed. Finally, after hearing their side and presenting them possible options to do for the presentation…they gave in! Ughh, I was so elated that I had to go and take a picture of them! They danced to the music called Harlem Shake.:)

See! I did not have to be somewhere else to encourage other people. I did not even plan on doing it. It’s just so amazing how God puts us in a situation where we can be a great blessing to the people around us.

I am not sure if the students appreciated what I did for them as their performance was warmly applauded by their friends, anyway. Nevertheless, I am happy. Seeing them perform with all their best though nervous / scared was more than enough to thank God for this unexpectedly pleasant opportunity of serving His people.


The Thunderstrike unit!:)

Well, I am nursing a terrible headache from the heat and rigorous activities today so I am off to dreamland as a fun-filled tomorrow awaits by God’s grace.

Again, if you have any word of encouragement for people around you, just say it.:)




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