Praise God for Sisters

After the sudden revamp of my flat two weeks ago, I completely ignored the fact that I had to arrange inside my closet. The stuff hiding inside the drawers needed to breathe some fresh air too but I also ignored them too. Babysitting the whole day just consume all my energy that the moment I walk into my pad, I have nothing in mind to do other than feed my growling stomach with anything edible available in my fridge then feed my mind with words from books. Call it addiction! LOL

So today when I stepped inside my place, I knew something was up but I just couldn’t place it. My sister has been home for a few days now for summer holidays. Too tired to figure it out, I dismissed the idea and took a nap hoping that whatever-it-is will just reveal itself to me.


I got up to change my clothes for a quick trip to a grocery store. I opened my closet and the sight of well-arranged clothes fell in front of me! What a wonderful blessing! I was so happy that I thought if taking her out to dinner though we just went out two nights ago.:)


I took a quick wash few minutes ago. I needed to get something from one of the drawers. I grabbed the handle, opened it, and I saw the “stuff” neatly arranged! Awesome! Excitedly, I opened the rest of the drawers and saw the remarkable changes! Oh, I am definitely taking her to dinner again or maybe to the salon this time!

It’s been grand having a sister around. She’s a sister and a friend rolled into one. She’s such a gem that I wish nothing but the best for her. It would be lovely to have her around everyday and not only on weekends! Praise God for sisters.

Anyway, I just heard my laptop say, “It’s 10 o’clock” so this bella is off to dreamland.

God bless and don’t forget to thank your families, friends, especially siblings for their presence in your lives! Tata!

Thanks googleimages!;)




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