A New Beginning

Yes, it’s not the New Year’s but today marks the beginning of my “Be a Better Me” project.  Ha! Well, I did not really think about that until now but today is a special day for me.  After many, many lazy days of not picking up my cello for practice, I decided to take it out from my red hard case and played it.  I played / practiced for 30 minutes! Praise the Lord! I started with hymns.  My cello books are hidden somewhere and I know that if I unearth them it will take more time to take them out and put them back so…It was good though.  I feel good.  No, I feel great.  Yes, I am sweating like crazy because of the “hotter” season here in Thailand but that’s fine. This heat cannot hinder me from playing cello! Besides, my electric bill for these past 14 days doesn’t look very encouraging.  It has reached more than half of what I paid last month.  Wooooaaahhh! What’s going on? Does that mean I’ve been using the AC too much? Or is it because I don’t turn off my computer when I go to bed? Well, I don’t want to mention my guests for they deserve nothing but the best accommodation ever! Anyway, this is just one of the many perks of being single! You pay for all your bills! ^_^ You have no one to share it with even if you share your apartment to friends. 🙂 Did I just side track again? Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. I often do this.  Bad.  😀 Anyway, the point of this post basically is to make necessary changes in my life.  I will prayerfully think about each change and will make sure that every single thing will glorify my Maker and my King. Oooppps, it’s 9:27p.m. I guess it’s now time to read my Bible, pray, and hit the hay.  I am so thankful that God helped me feel better after work.  I was really tired from reading and editing my students’ essays. Sigh.  Praise God doing the chores helped! It’s really wonderful to be able to sweat from hard work!^_^

Oh, we had Baccalaureate Service at school today.  The seniors are definitely graduating this weekend! I am already missing them! How swift time flies! 😦

May our great and awesome God bless us all abundantly!


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