Cleaning is the BEST REMEDY to HEADACHES

Lately, I have found myself on the verge of getting sick.  This usually happens when there’s plenty of stuff on my plate especially when we are nearing towards the end of the quarter that a lot of paper works are due not to mention the class preparations, paper markings, classroom management, etc. etc.  Then there’s the local church responsibilities and the district zone youth association responsibilities.  Sigh.  Have I mentioned family, love life, and personal responsibilities yet? Sigh again.  Oh well, life is all about gaining a balance in everything, right? This may sound crazy but I like it when I have TONS of things to do.  It exercises my brain, keeps me busy and away from idleness.  Good, right? 

So, yes, I was feeling sick since the time I woke up this morning.  I believe I have exerted so much effort on my weekend’s activities–it feels like I have used already my energy for this week. 😀 However, thinking about my students and work waiting for me, I decided to go to school, hoping I’d feel better when the sun shines on my skin and food reaches my stomach.  HOWEVER, all hope’s gone when even when those two did not help.  Moving on to plan #2, reverse psychology.  I got myself to work mode and ignored the sick-feeling and just worked.  Despite of my head spinning once in a while, my breathing getting warmer, and the temperature around me colder, I bravely faced the computer and prepared my journalism exam paper.  At 2p.m., I was done.  Praise God! Eighty-five questions and 149 points of headlines, copyediting and production, broadcast journalism, and advertising questions good for 90 minutes.  God bless my students!

Right after my after-school class, I directly went to the clinic and got my temp checked.  It was 36.2, thanks God, and the nurse gave  me Tylenol (to which I have never taken).  I decided to go home at around 4p.m. and took a nap that resulted to beautiful dreams for 2 hours.  Haha.  Feeling refreshed, I rose from my bed and started cleaning up.  I can keep my flat neat and tidy the entire five days but when Sabbath and Sunday come, everything changes! I don’t know why. Hahaha.  I try my best to keep my place clean and immaculately clean when Sabbath comes (Friday night) but when I leave for church the following day my house will just be in total havoc.  Unbelievable! I am always rushing to church no matter how early I wake up.  Why is that? I have no idea.  Well, honestly, I have an idea. Hehe.  Normally, this happens when I cram about something that I need to do at church like lead the Adventist Youth program–just like what happened this Sabbath.  But praise God for everything was successful! Amen.

So yes, cleaning helped me feel a whole lot better.  It feels good to have accomplished a lot today, including my youth association’s responsibilities.

Oh wait, why is my eyesight blurring? Why am I single double stuff here on the screen? Oh! It’s 10:32p.m.  Thank God, it doesn’t feel so hot tonight.  Anyhow, this lady is off to dreamland.  Later, alligator.  God bless!

P.S. I cooked myself dinner! Awesome! 😀


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