Bored Itchy Feet

I have two itchy feet.  When I was younger, my siblings and I goofed around to check who has moles on the feet because we all love to go out and hang out with our friends despite of the adults’ (mom, aunt, and grandparents) disapproval.  We liked to sneak out after coming home from school to go and play with our friends in the neighborhood.  But of course, before we could actually meet our friends we’d hear them whistle (special kind exclusively for us) or sometimes call our names (in full as in full names which means you are in trouble) and so we’d be running back as quickly as we could to save ourselves from sermons or spankings.  Anyway, going back to the checking of the moles on the feet, so it was found out that like my mom, I also have a mole at the end of my right foot.  Therefore, it was concluded that I am someone who cannot stay still in one place.  I tried to prove them wrong but to no avail.  Nature has its own way of proving some things right.  

I started traveling on my own since I was eleven years old.  (I already mentioned that part in one of my posts here.) I had to travel for about six hours by land from my grandparents’ house to a boarding school for my secondary education.  When I went to college, it was no longer six hours but around 12 (by land and sea) hours to go my boarding school.  For graduate school, it was not 12 hours but 24 hours away (by land and sea).  And after that I just went further and further away that I have to take a plane and other mode of transportations to go home.  

The last time I was home was on December 2011.  The unbelievable cost of renewing a travel certificate in the Philippines along with other things that I don’t actually benefit from have taken my away my desire to visit my dearest home as often as I want to.  That’s why most of my vacations were spent in other countries other than home.  :-(( Please don’t get me wrong.  I miss home. I love my family. SO MUCH.  But the hassle of going through POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Agency) and giving away a portion of your hard-earned pay is not fun.  :-(( Not to mention the long queues just to get that certificate that would allow you to leave the country again. Sigh.

So where am I now? I am here in Bangkok inside my flat.  I have two weeks off before summer school begins and I am here bored and all alone.  I am normally excited for holidays especially when I was in Korea.  My holidays were always booked to here and there with my buddies from work/church (same people that I hang out with).  But here it is totally different.  Yes, I have plenty of friends here from high school or college but its either they’re married and have kids and like to travel with their families or single and not interested in traveling.  Oh, and most of them work at government schools so our vacations don’t match–even Christmas and New Year’s.  It’s also impossible to find a travel buddy from work because the married ones have to go home while the singles like to stay at home.  The only person that I can travel with (as she is single and likes to travel to) is home with her family.  Sigh.  What do I do now?

I am bored.

I am definitely bored.


I cannot stay on like this forever.

My flat is immaculately clean.  

Well, I have the laundry to do and that’s it.  I cannot be scrolling on Facebook forever.  I don’t feel like reading a book now.  I want to go out of the house, explore the world, and enjoy nature.  Sorting photos, practicing cello, learning a language, etc. can be done even when school is in session.  But traveling to far places can’t.  


Dear Lord,

Please send me a travel buddy. In Jesus name, Amen.


P.S. I am done traveling alone. It’s more fun traveling with people. 




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