The Imelda Marcos in Us♥


Two nights ago, my sister and my friend got busy looking for a pair of flat shoes. They were so full of glee looking for cute yet comfortable ones. They hopped from one store to another and finally ended up somewhere familiar. They tried this and that and this and that. Thinking that I have plenty of shoes stored in my lockers both at home and at work, I decided to just sit there and enjoy watching them. Besides it’s not like we’re in Payless where there’s an abundance of stylish shoes.:) BUT, how long can a girl keep herself from trying on shoes when she’s  surrounded by lots and lots of shoes. I closed my eyes and decided to get myself a pair because I need one for summer school because I will be teaching elementary and middle school students. Hahaha.♥ That’s actually my argument? GREAT JOB, SHIELA!

So, above is a picture of us deciding which color to take. We bought the same style but different colors. Lol. How I love being a girl!♥♥♥


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