Pause & Smell the Roses

Things do happen for a reason.

This is my first time to stay in during a vacation since I started working. I am always on the go. However, this time I am forced to stay. I’d like to believe that God is teaching me a very important lesson and that is to stop and smell the roses. I am the kind of person who functions best under stressful circumstances–adrenaline junkie?:)

As I look back on my activities this week, I can attest that I’ve been very blessed. God showed me a different picture of life. I realized the important role that relationships play in our lives. Indeed life is about the people we love and care for. I saw that in the people I hung out with this week. It’s just beautiful! Praise God!

Tonight at Vespers, the kids sang special music and I was deeply touched by their rendetion. What a blessing seeing kids praise God through music!



Kids busy singing.

**Extra photos for you 😉


I got these fresh fruits and veggies at the wet market today for only 180 baht which is basically 6 usd only. So happy!


Welcome to our wet market!


Found this place! I love post offices! This is only five minutes away from my place by car. Awesome! Next time I come back, I will just walk–walking is fun!♥


Walking by the river to the market. 🙂


Haha! These friends crack me up today. ♡♡♡

Anyway, it’s Sabbath and I am grateful of it and for it.

Do you believe in tithing? I do.


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