The Father’s Day: I Want A Happy Family, Too!

This day reminds me of something I wish I had, of something I used to have somehow. The few memories I had with him (storytelling during power outage, sitting on his lap, wrapping his arm around me while walking around the village, learning how to ride a motorbike, and playing Scrabble with him and my mom) will forever be treasured. Wish he chose to stay around than work miles and miles away from us.

I also remember someone who loved me and my siblings as his own. I miss our declamation and editing days. He was my walking dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, and Bible. Thanks a lot, Lolo Kiko, for introducing me to the English world and most of all to God! Who I am and what I am today is also because of him.  His positive influence brought me closer to God and made me decide to dedicate my life in God’s service.  

To Someone who’s always there for me, the greatest Father of all, I love you much!

To all fathers/stepdads/”motherdads” out there, soon to be dads, planning to be dads, hoping to be dads, and feeling daddies, Happy Father’s Day!

Mother dear thank you for being both to us. God bless!


MY PRAYER: I humbly pray that God will send me someone who is family-oriented, someone who likes to be there for his family through thick and thin.  Yes, most parents want the best for their children that’s why they work far away from their families.  They want to provide their families needs and even wants. But as for me, I’d rather have a little with my husband around than much without him by our side.  I want my kids to grow up with their parents always there for me as much as possible.  It is such a blessing seeing happy families around, and I want one too by God’s grace. 🙂


To those who are blessed with responsible dads, thank them.

To those who are blessed with responsible stepdads, thank them.

To those who are blessed with people who are responsible like real dads, thank them.

To those who are blessed with moms who stand like dads too, thank them.

To those who are blessed with a-little-responsible dad, thank them.


Yes, some people are blessed with responsible people in their lives.  Treasure them. Love them. Show them how much you care.  To those who have some issues with their dads, patch things up because life is too short. Love them and forgive them. Anyway, what comes around, goes around.  So, let us all be loving and caring people for our great Father in heaven loves us all!




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