Visiting Karen / Burmese Church


One of the best things I like being an officer of the Adventist Youth Association in Central Zone 2 District here in Thailand is that privilege to meet and fellowship with God’s other children from different churches. Last month, we had the opportunity to visit a Karen church. Their warm welcome stunned me! Beautiful smiles were painted in their lovely smiles as we talked to them,mingled with them, dined with them, and worshipped God with them. It was such an extraordinary experience for me. I was just happy the entire day! What a blessing! Language did not hinder us from communicating at all! Some of the brethren who can speak English were so kind to translate for us! They were just beautiful people–inside and out. Always smiling! What a foretaste of heaven! Oh, have I mentioned the food? It was out of this world! It looked spicy and all but after tasting it, I realized it was not! I ended up eating more than I imagined. The food was divine! Sigh. Anyway, writing this entry is making me hungry.;)

I am truly grateful for this wonderful blessing!

Here’s me getting some food from their potluck table.♥


And here’s what I got (just the first plate, okay?)


I soo can’t wait to go to Myanmar anytime soon! ♥♥♥


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