Beautiful Life with Friends♥

Praise God for life,friends, families,and responsibilities!


From a basketball clinic at 8am


To Happy Birthday Papa Chlowe and Baby Eli at 11am


To Happy Birthday Baby Kayla!

What a super blessed Sunday!

I truly praise God for making me a part of the AYA family–I am learning a lot. 🙂

I also praise Him for bringing me to RISDAC church where everyone is a family. I feel so great for being invited to those birthday parties. I am indeed an aunty.♥ It is so wonderful to be in a church where love and care abounds. Sigh. Now I should start shopping for kids stuff so whenever I get invited to birthday parties I won’t have to go last minute shopping. Brilliant idea! Oh, this reminds me of my other nephews and neices at church that I haven’t given any gifts yet. Oh-oh. Make-up time! I pray that these kids will grow to be like Jesus and that the parents will continually be filled with the Holy Spirit as they rear their children.♡

Anyway, I am starting an old habit called Punctuality. So, signing off now. Later again!♥♥♥


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