Foster Family in Bangkok♥

Life indeed has twists and turns.  Lately, I’ve been climbing mountains on my own. I try to keep things to myself as much as possible or if the load is too heavy to carry, I share it with a trusted few. It’s better this way, I guess.

I consider myself blessed despite of all the faith-shakening and character-testing I’ve been going through this year. Know why? God has sent me angels to listen to me, encourage me, and most of all, be my family here. It’s been a truly delightful year. Somehow, I don’t feel so alone anymore.

In the past couple of years, I felt “solitude amidst multitude” here. Although I know tons of people here from the Phils here, it was still different.  We all lead different lives now, different priorities. I cannot keep imposing myself on them every time I wanted company, right? There were some times that I got invited to here and there and it was good–something I look forward to.

However, this year things changed. I got closer to our church and his wife and to the frequent visitors of their home. Awesome, right? Now, I actually have a “family” here. Praise the Lord!



To be continued. Eyes are drooping.:(


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