Life is Indeed a Choice

Life is indeed a choice.

Very early this morning, I was faced with a strong decision to make.  When I left the pastoral house today, I was determined to just forget about everything and welcome the day with new perspective.  However, that determination was put into a test.  I was actually gobsmacked by the incident but I decided to let go.  Nothing positive will come out if I just make a biggie out of it.  Besides, life is all about our character.  What we do with this life, how we treat other people, defines us.  There’s no point defending ourselves to people because those who like us will like us and will forgive us when we commit mistakes and those who don’t will never like us no matter how nice we are to them.

I take life pretty seriously.  I found myself sick a couple of years back because I got so stressed that my body couldn’t take it anymore.  I had to go to hospital weekly just to make sure that I was okay.  It was crazy, very crazy, and I can’t afford to go through that terrible experience again.  I can’t.  I just can’t.  Enough is enough.

The Bible reminds us that we should “not repay evil with evil” (1 Peter 3:9).  Yes, my human instincts want to be mad.  I just want to end this however it should end.  But my faith in God prevails.  Thank God! His goodness in my life abounds that I can’t, I really can’t act as if I don’t have a God when temptations come my way.  I just can’t.  It’s unacceptable.

So, today I am making a choice to watch myself carefully, my words, my temper, all of me.  I cannot change anyone but I can change myself.  I can change my attitude towards people and the circumstances around me.  That’s all I can do and I hope that God will continue to work in my heart, refine my character, and save me from this mire of sin.


2 thoughts on “Life is Indeed a Choice

  1. Hey there Shiela. I’m sorry u have to go thru that, I wish I was there to take the blow 4 u & help u thru ur trial:( Just know that I’m praying 4 U & I love U

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