Facing Obstacles


During the Pathfinder Camp last week, the pathfinders were tasked to go through various obstacles in order to receive that particular honor or pin for Obstacle Course. It was actually fun! I enjoyed assisting and encouraging students to go through each despite of their fears for this and that. I was stationed by the Monkey Bridge where this tower was adjacent to. After the students went through it and the Monkey Bridge, Vish, a dear friend and colleague of mine decided to go through them. Haha! It was pretty exciting and a little leg-shaking but we survived them. I actually felt good and accomplished after doing those obstacles! Praise the Lord for the courage to do them.

Life is indeed a bed of roses.  There are flowers and thistles and thorns that make life more colorful. Won’t it be boring if we do not face any challenges along the way? I don’t think we’ll appreciate heaven and God’s leading in our lives more if we are just treading a wide, straight path.

I’m a pretty sensitive person and may overanalytical and cynical at times especially when it’s that special time of the month, but I try my very best by God’s grace to guard my emotions. But I can’t deny that in those days, I feel really low that most of the time I’d think of fly or flight. However, God be praised for He never ceases to inspire me to keep moving on. He sends me people especially children to cheer me up and this is just one of the many beauties of life. I know it’s easier to give up however, it’s more rewarding to keep the faith up. 🙂 Am I right?


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