I Love You Forever

How do married people stay in love forever? How do they do that?

Imagine talking to the same person every single day for years and years and it’s not only talking but doing things together, going to places together, discussing things together, raising children together, surviving life’s challenges together, etc.  That sounds like a lot of things to do together and yet they still remain in love with each other. Sigh.  What a mystery! Again, how do they do these?

My parents may have split up after sixteen years of marriage but I saw my grandparents stay head over heels in love with each other until God laid them to rest.  Oh, they were so in love that my grandma would wait for my grandpa to finish his personal devotion before she goes to bed.  He would be reading chapters in his huge Bible at his study table while she would be reading from her own Bible at the couch.  She would just fall asleep waiting and grandpa would carry her to bed.  That I didn’t understand while growing up.  I would always wonder why she’d try to stay up and wait there when she could just go to bed and meet him there or something.  But no, they did that for as long as I can remember.  They would also go for a walk around the village hand in hand everyday.  Even if people were teasing them for oh, so sweet to each other but they would lovingly hold hands and exercise.  Oh, and they like to tease even when everybody is present at the dining table.  My grandpa used to tease her a lot and that sparkle on his eyes every time he did it was just so beautiful to behold.  Sigh.  These are just few of the many things that I enjoyed about them. Going back to my dilemma, how were they able to do that? Seriously? I think they shared more than 50 golden years of life together.  Yes, more than that.  Wow! That is such a long, long time to be with someone.

Same thing goes for our foster parents here in Bangkok.  They’ve been together for 44 fruitful years and they are still so in love with each other. Oh, they’re so sweet to each other.  I enjoy watching them, too. Hahaha. They are not only lovers but also friends as in best friends.  I look at them talk about life together and I see two best friends talking.  It’s just so beautiful.  It’s like they have the meeting of the minds, you know.  They perfectly understand each other even before they finish the sentence.  I like how they are partners in everything.  When uncle cooks, aunty washes.  On worship time, aunty reads the devotional, uncle prays. It’s a tandem.  They’re also very sweet to each other.  They like to hold hands while walking and even when sitting down.  Just like my grandpa, uncle likes to tease aunty even when preaching.  He would mention some experiences and his eyes would also be sparkling and aunty would be blushing.  Aunty is such a good sport but my grandma was not. Hahaha.  She would always have this particular look in her face as if saying, “Wait, till everybody leaves.” But Aunty just smiles and most of the time she’d tease him back.  Aww, so sweet. But then again, how do they do it, too? How are they able to keep the flame for each other burning all throughout these years?

I am currently writing here in Hua Hin.  I am here for a couple of days–the longer time so far that I’ve decided to stay in this small town–and they are so many in love couples around.  In the hotel that we stayed at last night, I met two elderly couples by the pool.  They were sunbathing with their books or laptops.  Each of them has something to keep them busy with yet they were still there together.  The other lady still looking fabulous in her two-piece decided to go for a swim.  I even asked her if the water was cold (though I already knew it was freezing cold) and she said it was. 🙂 I looked at her with admiration.  She maybe wrinkled from head to toe but she still looks amazing and I couldn’t help wonder if I’d look amazing especially in a two-piece when I get to her age.

I’ve seen tons of elderly married couples traveling around.  Everywhere I go, I see them, and it certainly amazes me to see them traveling.  I just hope that other couples also have the opportunity to see the world together.

I am not very good in keeping relationships especially boyfriend-girlfriend relationships but I just hope and pray that one day I’d be able to get married and experience this wonderful gift from God.  From my own family experience, I can safely say that marriage is never easy and what happened to my mom and dad has affected me and my relationships but I cannot let my parents’ love story affect mine. Can I? Yes, the divorce rate has escalated really high over the past years but I still believe that out of 7.125 billion people more people are enjoying the benefits of loving and being loved than those who are bitter and cynical about relationships.  Am I right? And out of those figures, I fully believe with all my heart that one of them is mine.  😀 image The couples by the pool today.

As for now, I am just going to keep admiring and praying for those who have already found their other half and hopefully learn from them while also praying for those who are still searching and praying for theirs to come.

How do people stay in love forever? I have no concrete answer other than “God has been keeping them together.”

A relationship with God is the best relationship we can have.


The Bangkok Foster Parents–Aunty Nitz & Uncle Pastor 😍

“Love is patient, love is kind.” 


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