ABOUT TIME to Enjoy Life


So the big question this very moment is: Should I go and wash my face or write about the movie I just watched? My eyes are dark due to the immense amount of chocolate eyeshadow and eyeliner I used to paint them while my lips are blazing red from the mixture of pink and red lipstick that I wore for tonight’s special event.  Apparently, if you initially used a red lipstick to paint your lips then even if you try to put on pink on top of it, it doesn’t really change.  I’m sorry I am not a make-up guru or anything. I don’t even like wearing make-up due to my sensitive skin.  Anyway, moving on.

About Time.  As I stated in my previous post tonight, I didn’t like the idea of him traveling back in time because it just goes to show that he didn’t think through his actions before doing any of it in the first place.  I know that many of us can’t get things right on the first time, I can’t, I’m a bit of klutz but I get up and move on.  I kind of feel bad for the people who do not have the same ability that he and the rest of the males in his family enjoy.  I understand that he just wanted things to be perfect that’s why he keeps traveling back in time.  But what about Mary’s earlier boyfriend? I don’t know what to say.  But I guess what the movie is trying to teach us is that we should enjoy life to its fullest.  No one can bring back time.  It passes so quickly that we have to be very careful and do what we can to enjoy every bit of it.  I particularly like the second part of the advice that his father gave him–to notice.  I think it means be in the moment.  Many times we worry about the future.  We worry about failing.  We worry about what others might say about us.  We worry so much that we tend to just confine ourselves with the little world that we have built for ourselves.  We worry too much.  We worry too much that most of the time we forget that there is a Supreme Being that rules the world, the rules our lives.  The One who created the heavens and the earth.  The One who gave us life.  How can we worry? How can we worry when our Father is the Giver and Provider of everything.  The animals don’t worry about their next meal.  They don’t worry where to lodge for the night.  They don’t worry about anything.  Look at the stray dogs.  They just wander everywhere.  The birds, they just fly.  But what about us human beings who are created way higher than these animals.  What are we doing?

I am a colossal worrier.  I tend to worry about a lot of stuff that now as I think about it, I haven’t honestly been enjoying life at its best.  I haven’t been participative in God’s plans for me.  There are times that I tend to deviate from the path He has prepared for me because I’m such a chick, I cannot do anything I didn’t think through.  I used to be very spontaneous when I was younger but now that I am older, I tend to scrutinize everything even the microscopic detail of this and that.  I am so overwhelmed by this movie despite of the fact that the person I was watching with was busy on the phone.

i sure know what I know in life and I will do everything by God’s grace to do whatever is best not only for me but also for my family, friends, and the rest of the people I care about.

So, I guess we already know the answer to my question earlier. 🙂

Let’s all live for God’s glory.


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