Best Christmas Gift

Life can be tough at times.  One day, it throws hard punches on you and the next day you’re up there in the ninth cloud.  Life is so unpredictable that we cannot just lose hope and give up when things do not go our way, when we lose a loved one, a job, or anything that we have invested most our precious times into.  Confucius once said,


Pretty encouraging, right? Therefore we have to celebrate life despite of what it may bring us!

This year’s Christmas is one of the best Christmas I ever had.  It’s not because I was in Disneyland or in Great Wall of China but because I know that my family is doing great.  My mom and aunt with their husbands are safe and in good health despite of the Hagupit typhoon that hit them and the rest of the people in Eastern Samar.  My brother is doing better with his studies and according to my old teachers he’s becoming more matured and responsible.  That is something I am totally happy about! I pray that he’ll continue to be a better person day by day by God’s grace.  My sister is enjoying her very first white Christmas! The sparkle in her eyes talking about her adventures.  She looks very happy and I praise God for that!


I cannot ask for a better year-end gift.  I am happy because the people I care about are happy and I am so thankful I have them.  We may not be the typical family who always checks up one another and says all those loving and affirmative words but when we talk and hang out we know that we are by bonded by love–God’s love, we know that we have each other’s back.  I cannot wait to celebrate the next Christmas with them, hopefully this 2015 God willing.


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