The Art of Being Grateful

It rarely rains here in Bangkok especially in the month of December and surprisingly, it is raining now.  Well, it has been raining for more than two hours now. I love it when it rains! It’s always a perfect time to cuddle with a good book while sipping a hot chocolate or maybe watching a romantic film while eating a bowl of Korean ramen. I also enjoy playing sad music with my cello during this weather.

Oh, how I have missed the rain!

Thank You Lord! The dripping sound of it is lulling me to sleep.

Thank You also Lord for an extraordinary day. My friends and I had a fantastic time during our outreach program in Nakhon Nayok. We were able to help out in the church services. I had the privilege of speaking before God’s people as His instrument where we studied about The Art of Being Grateful. We were also able to visit and sing Thai songs to Thai patients at the government hospital. The trip to the dam and afternoon worship there was a treat! Thank You Lord!

Off to dreamland now. Will finish The Lucky One rerun tomorrow. 🙂




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