The Gift of Bed Rest

Staying in because you want to is one thing while staying in because you have to is another thing.  After my epic “falling on the ice” moment yesterday, little did I know that I was charged to stay in today for a complete bed rest not including the quick bathroom and meal breaks.  I kind of organized a trip to Dream World with my friends but due to the teeny accident I had to stay home.  I am grateful for the cold compress and the chiropractic massage that I got from very supportive friends here.  The twisting here and there has really helped a lot and apparently, there will be a part 2 of this type of massage soon.

Getting my body to recuperate by lying down because there’s no other way to position yourself but just lie down is not fun at all.  I’m sorry I am complaining again, but please hear me out.  I am not the stationary type of person.  I like moving around.  Seriously.  I don’t fancy nap times.  I only go to bed when it’s time to bed.  I cannot be lying down all day, I just feel like it’s a day wasted.  However, I have to also understand that I am taking break from the calendar because my body needs to rest, because I was too clumsy yesterday.  I am a clumsy person.  I easily drop things or hit my head or feet somewhere that it would  hurt and I would have to count from 1-10 to distract me and to keep me from saying awful things I cannot take back anywhere.

This experience has really taught me to slow down a bit.  There are times that staying home because you want is necessary.  There are times that it’s just alright to have a lazy day especially when it’s vacation.  That it’s okay to relax and not worry about stuff.

In a couple of days, this year 2014 will end and a new year will begin and I hope that my 2015 will be a better year in a way that I will be more grateful for what life may bring me, that I will be more considerate of others by thinking through things before saying or doing anything, that I will be more patient, forgiving, and kind.  We only get to live once and if we live it well, once is enough.

God created us to be a blessing to the people around us.  Let’s do our part! 🙂



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