Dad & New Year’s Day

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,Happy birthday,

Happy birthday,

Happy birthday to you!

How crazy would it be for someone to be born on the New Year’s? I mean seriously, birthday on the New Year’s? Isn’t that the coolest? It was only when I was in elementary school that I realized that my father was born on the New Year’s.   He was always away that’s why his birthday did not really register in our teeny-tiny brains.  So, when I fully realized that his birthday was January 1, I totally rejoiced! I thought it was cool, amazing, out-of-this-world to be born on the first day of the year when the entire world is celebrating it.  Being born on the Christmas or Valentine’s Day is something but being born on the New Year is another thing.  It’s an event celebrated by most homo sapiens around the world.

So, this New Year’s used to be more special for me and my family because of our dad.  However, after his passing three or four years ago, this day ceased to be as special as it was before.  I do not fully celebrate it knowing that someone so dear to me who’s supposed to be celebrating his birthday on this day has already passed away.

But it’s the first day of the year 2015, I have to cheer up, right? Here’s a summary of what happened today:

-Woke up at 6-ish a.m. despite of sleeping late due to the countdown to go for a road trip

-Left Muaklek around 10am to visit Jim Thompson Farm in Korat ( an hour and a half away from here)

-Made it there at around 1pm as the traffic was crazy! The final kilometer should have taken us about 10 minutes with the regular traffic but because it was the New Year’s it took us more than hour to finally get closer to the destination

-We parked somewhere far.  Ate by the roadside.  Crossed a bridge.  Hiked.  Just to go get to Jim Thompson Farm

-From 2-4-ishpm, we went around taking photos and enjoying the view

-4-ish to around 6-ish we waited for our ride so ended up watching the sunset. Awesome!

-From 6-ish to 9-ish we travelled coming back to Muaklek

-Cooked ramen noodles as part of the dinner

-Stuffed myself with food

-Now, I am typing this first blog entry for the year.

–I was able to read some pages from The Alchemist (rereading with the hope that I finish the entire book as I keep losing my personal copies as in plural because I bought two already), watched Begin Again, and had worship on the road.

It was good first day of the year and I hope life will get better and better day by day.

I would love to write more sensible stuff but my head is just not cooperating with me.  I got to rest.  God bless! Happy New Year everyone!

*Met the miracle boy today! Praise God!


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