Life is a Gift

The three-week holiday break has finally come to an end and I praise the Lord for all the opportunities to relax, travel around and hang out with friends, go for outreach activities, attend different churches, read books, watch movies, take photos, make new friends, reunite with old ones, organize my pad, and most of all ponder upon God’s goodness in my life and in my friends’ life.  I especially thank Him for giving me that privilege to see miracles unveil before my very eyes.

Yes, this holiday season may have brought joy to the hearts of most people for the relax time and meeting with family and friends but sorrow for those who have lost their loved ones.

As the Lord blesses us with breath everyday, may we be more grateful for everything He’s doing for us, more compassionate to the needs of the people around us, more considerate and forgiving of people’s struggles, more appreciative of the people around us, more gentle, loving, and caring even with people outside our comfort zones.

Inside Story:


This is just one proof of God’s Divine love and protection.

We planned on coming back to Bangkok late last night but due to the super heavy traffic from Pakchong to Muaklek, we were not able to do so. Therefore, we left early at around 6-ish this morning. I said a quick personal prayer of protection when I got settled in the car.  Then I remembered something! I left my laptop at our dear hosts’ house! I didn’t know what to do because I observed we were about to enter the highway. Just then I heard myself blurt out, “I left my air.” I’m so grateful that Jayson and his family were kind enough to drive back and his brother who was left behind handed me the “air.” So, we continued traveling. Jayson was driving fast as the traffic was getting heavier every minute. BUT, as we were in the outer lane of a one-way road somewhere, Jayson saw from his left side mirror that one of his tires gave up! He slowly drove towards the right side of the road and park.  Immediately, a man who was driving a pick-up truck came and asked if we needed help. Praise the Lord for this man! He was so ready to lend a hand.  After changing tires, we drove slowly looking for a place to pump the tire and, guess what? We were just few meters away from a car repair shop! It was closed when we passed by but we cannot help but praise God for guiding us through. All the series of delays and mishaps happened to protect us. What if we just pushed through with the initial plan of going home late last night? I don’t want to answer. I don’t want to imagine. I am happy that we are all safe and for that I cannot be thankful enough.

Again, God allows things to happen in our lives to refine our characters that we may be fitted for His kingdom and because He just loves us so much!

Thank You Lord! God bless everyone and stay safe and gleeful for…life is a gift.;)

God bless everyone!


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