L O V E in Four Items


I was going through my collection of papers (post cards, stationeries, cards, love letters, tickets, receipts, boarding passes, gifts, envelopes, wedding invites, etc when I stumbled upon these four items that warmed my heart.

Item 1: Birthday card from fellow missionaries back in 2007 in South Korea. Can’t believe it’s still playing the Happy Birthday song.

Item 2: A birthday package for this year that got lost in the mail. For some reasons it did a pit stop in Indonesia before coming here. I really thought the sender didn’t remember. 😦 My sincere apologies for everything.

Item 3: A wedding invite for last year from a dear couple God used me as a matchmaker! Isn’t their invite the coolest ever? From South Korea to Philippines to the USA! God bless your marriage Jen & Darry!

Item 4: A thousand baht note! Who would’ve thought that an envelope got inside my “to-sort-out-later bag full of papers? Yay! You’ll never know what you lost until you found it.:)

Anyway, I’m off. I’m beat but it looks like this is going to be an interesting night like last night. 😦 Oh Lord, please take my colds away. Amen.


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