The Eighth: Love Is Sweeter the Second Time Around

Alright, I am giving myself ten minutes to write about my day before I hit the hay. So here it goes:

It feels like I am giving a second shot at life, at love, and at work since this New Year started. It feels like I just moved in to my flat, got a new job, etc. Maybe I am experiencing something called Starting All Over Again. Knowing that you’re on a deadline with stuff helps you look at life at a different perspective. It feels as though you want to make the most of everything knowing that someday soon you are going to leave the place and you want to leave a good mark behind and do the same thing wherever you go. This is exactly how I have been feeling since the New Year and I just hope and pray that this will continue to motivate to inspire me and be better at what God has entrusted me to do.

Most of the hours of the day was spent working. I was at work for almost ten hours and when I was not teaching, I was decorating my classroom. I decided to go for light, happy colors that match cartoons. Yap, it’s a cartoon world here. I have pictures of Mickey Mouse, Lilo & Stitch, and others spread around my room. Then I have faces of my students along with their New Year’s Resolutions and a peep of their Bucket List posted on one of the back bulletin boards. Then there’s also a ton of printed book covers on one of the front bulletin boards to encourage students to read more books this year. I am glad that even those who don’t like reading have decided to read some this year. Let’s see how it goes.

After work, I took a short nap and woke up to the thought of my sister that I immediately texted. I’m glad she’s doing OK in Copenhagen despite of the cold weather.

It’s Thursday and traditionally, it’s a movie night for me. However, I chose to finish reading The Alchemist instead of watching a romantic hallmark movie. After all, I already watched one movie this week and guess what it was? The Hunger Games II: Catching Fire. So, I read The Alchemist and I am so overjoyed when I finished it. It’s very inspiring that I ended up highlighting quotable quotes! 🙂 I am surprised it even talked about love and all. Everything indeed happens for a reason and in spite of owning two hard copies of that book, I was not able to finish reading it. I’d always end up loaning it to a friend or to a student before I can actually enjoy it. But when I was away during the holidays, I met this book again at a friend’s mini-library. I started reading it over the New Year’s Day despite of the busy schedule and was able to only continue it tonight on my iPad. I super enjoyed the book and I look forward to reading it again and this time with my students! I need people to discuss it with.

Anyhow, it’s already late. I got to go. How’s everyone doing? Excited for the weekend? Me, too! God bless and love lots!


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