The Speedo Swimwear

Hey WordPress,

Waazzzuuppp? Did you know that it has been my long desire to write you everyday? As in every single day that the Lord our God has made? I want to tell you everything I can possibly can.  I want to share with you my hopes and dreams, my failures and successes, my adventures, everything.  But, I can’t.  Sigh.  I can’t give up, right? It’s only the 11th.  Three hundred sixty-five minus eleven is? Aaa, just do the math, I can’t think right now. Hahaha. Wait, let me try. I have 349 plus the missing “works” I mean the days I wasn’t able to write last week so that would be about 351.  I will find the best time to write as I get back to my routine, OK? I’m still adjusting after the super long Christmas break and all.

What happened today?

We went to Impact Arena in Nonthaburi! It was my first time to go there and it ended up as an adventure!  With God’s help we were able to find the place, shop wisely, and came back home safely.  I am truly proud of myself for not going beyond my budget and for just buying what I really need.  Out of my few purchases, I’d like to tell you about my Speedo swimwear.  I’m currently on a special wardrobe journey.:-)  Hanging out with the pastoral couple has strengthened my desire to dress modestly at all times.  It’s not that I wear revealing clothes and all but I do like to wear shorts and short dresses.  I find them cute.  However, since I’ve been shopping with the pastor and his wife, my choice of clothes has been greatly affected in a positive way.  Yes, long before they came I have decided to wear long dresses at church.  I think it began when right after I decided taking out meat from my diet a couple of years back. But, if ever I’d come across a cute dress at a shop and I’d feel like it’s not really short, just few inches above the knee, I’d buy it.  However, that changed.  I can’t remember the last time I bought anything short.  No, I can’t remember.  My closet is full of long dresses.  I like buying long dresses.  I have more church clothes than work clothes. Haha. Then late last year, I started buying jump suits and long skirts or square pants to work.  I am getting there.  I still wear knee-high clothes but that’s when I’m running late or I’m wearing flats to work.  Going back to my story, I was at Speedo, right? I wanted to get a pair of decent swimwear.  In my possession are sexy four pairs of two-piece bikinis.  However,  I realized that I cannot wear them anymore because I’m always hanging out with church people and I like playing with kids.  I cannot wear long, modest dresses to church and wear bikini at the beach, right? Indeed, it is true that we can still dress modestly even in the water.  When I was younger, I’d debate against “conservatives” and by that I mean my mom, aunt, and maybe some other people at school or church.  But they’re actually right.  So today when faced with the decision with which swimwear to get I chose the sporty style–as in sleeveless shirt looking and shorts.  I was looking at one simple blue sporty swimwear and two sexy ones.  When I asked the lady at the shop to help me choose which style is beautiful, she pointed out that the two are sexy because of this and that (pointing to the breast part of the top) while the other one is sporty.  After hearing the word “sexy”, something ticked in my head.  I know I already knew all along what I actually came to buy and that was the blue sporty one.  I am happy I made that choice because when swimming time comes, wherever I am, I can confidently wear and not worry about a thing.:-) Praise God for this!

Woooww, it’s 10:23pm. I am off to bed.  God bless!



P.S. Yes, I still have my four bikinis and one day I may wear them again but hopefully only in private events. 🙂


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