Learning & Achieving Dreams

Students have their way of getting their teachers laugh even during class time. Today, I found myself laughing with the entire class when in the middle of the quiz a student asked me if I was sure I was giving the said question for a certain number. We were like, “how can we not be sure?” Most of her classmates have already answered it and apparently she was lagging behind. Aaaa, how I love being a teacher!

This day was another productive day at work. We had quizzes and group presentations. It was good! I also managed to get the necessary paper works done and I am grateful I did. Thanks God! During my after school class, my tutee had a ‘challenging’ homework. I call it challenging because one of the questions was about measuring the west coast of the United States and comparing it to the coast of Latin America. At the top of the worksheet, it had a note suggesting that we should check the maps on pages 2-7 and there were indeed plenty of maps! So, we had to figure out which map among all the maps to use. It was fun though! We also found out that in Brasilia, Santiago, and Mexico City, November is a rainy season. However, in Thailand it barely rains on that month. Interesting, right? I’m glad God created us and put us in different places and through books and travels we are able to learn about one another’s culture, language, and other stuff.

Learning is fun and no one is too old to learn anything. A friend told me that a man in his early 70’s wanted to become a doctor when he was young. However, life happened. He got married and had kids and so he was not able to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor. So, when his children have already settled down, enjoying a good life with their own families, he went back to school and got his degree! Now, he is a Doctor of Medicine! Another similar story is also told about a poor girl who wanted to learn how to play the piano. She really wanted to learn but she had to work and make ends meet. Then she grew up, got married, and had kids. Many years passed and her children started building their own families that she didn’t really anything much to do that she decided to take piano lessons. With calloused hands and lots of free time, she enrolled and now she can play the piano! Inspiring, right? Again, one is never too old to learn anything. These are only two of the many stories about people who in their old age pursued their childhood dreams.

Nothing should discourage us from achieving our dreams, not money or age. We are intellectual beings created by such an awesome and loving God. He wants nothing but the best for us. However, there are times that we tend to settle because we don’t want to go through hardships. Postponing our dreams and forgetting about them are two different things. Yes, our choices may lead us away from our dreams but if doors of opportunities to achieve them came knocking in our doors, we should be quick to respond and open it.

It has been my desire to go back to graduate school and earn a PhD. I’m 3-0 now and I haven’t even started it. What happened? Life happened. I lovingly embraced some responsibilities and I sort of lost track of time and my dream. But in exchange, I was able to learn some things. God blessed me with opportunities to learn the violin, cello, Korean traditional drums, Korean language, basic Spanish, among many other things. Yes, we may have responsibilities–loads of them–but we should not forget that there is an abundance of other things that we can learn while sort of postponing that major dream. We don’t also learn skills in the process but we also learn important life lessons that involves refining our characters. Learning how to be patient takes ages. I am not a very patient person but every single day I commit myself before God to grant me patience. I don’t want to wait till I’m “grown-up” to learn how to be patient. I want it soon and I praise God for the various trials that come my way for they lead me to this and many other virtues.

You see, learning is a life-long process. There is a beginning but there is no end to it. There are many things that I still want to learn aside from going back to school. To mention a few, I badly want to learn how to swim, play the piano (I just can’t get both of my hands to coordinate), and plumb. 🙂

(I’m sorry I’m babbling again.) I guess this is it…Enjoy life. Learn. Live. Love. Laugh.

The Lord admonishes us in Proverbs 4:5, “Get wisdom, get understanding.” See, he wants us to learn! God bless! 🙂


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