Education Then and Now

Education is important. For us, people in the East we value education more than anything. For us, it is a highway to success.  That’s why, even at an early age our parents are already very strict when it comes to our studies. They don’t expect us to pass but to ace each quiz, test, classwork, and homework. We have to do our best in anything and everything because our future depends on it.

Sadly, this changed.

Due to the high rate of unemployment here and there, students are no longer motivated to study.  They’d rather hang out with their friends or people they’re in relationship with instead of doing their homework. They’d rather participate in extra curricular activities than prepare for a test.  Very few students pay attention to their grades now.  Most of them don’t believe in the importance of GPA anymore. They believe that in order for them to survive, they just need money or the “guts.” It is very sad but true. 

What do we do now? What do we do when most of the successful people in the world right now are not degreeholders?  What do we do now when the richest people in the world have the guta but not the diploma? How do we encourage students to be active and not passive ones?


(To be continued…falling asleep here in the couch.)


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