No Harm Trying!

Something really cool happened just right now! You see I live in a condo unit Internet connection comes for 300 baht (10 US bucks).  I think that’s a pretty decent price.  I don’t have to go through the hassle of getting the connection from huge companies like True or DTAC or what.  Yes, it has some limitations like not being able to use torrent but so far I’m good.  Anyhow, I got a Macbook Air over Christmas in replacement of my 7 or 8-year old one because I was planning on being more productive in terms of writing and all.  After all the fun and overspending, the holidays finally concluded and as I mentioned in my prior posts that I am now back to reality which means the WiFi parties are over and I’m also back to ethernet. (Oh, how I like the sound of this word! It sounds like “ethereal” to me. LOL ) That’s right, ethernet–ethernet that my Air doesn’t have the port.  I need an the thunderbolt adapter so I connect the cable to the laptop so I can have my Internet connection.  It would have been very easy if I did not super enjoy the holidays but I did.  Therefore, I’m going to wait for my next paycheck before I can purchase it.  I am left with my allowance for the rest of the month and I cannot touch my savings or my credit card.  Some things will have to wait. Hahaha. (But honestly, I was considering on going to the department store to get it and something else.  Good thing, I needed to stay longer at work, now, I cannot go anywhere anymore because it’s almost Sabbath and I need to prepare something.)

Out of desperation and laziness to turn on and use my old Macbook, I browsed the possible WiFi connections I can connect to.  Lo and behold something sort of made sense to me! I can’t understand why the sister building of ours has a WiFi and we don’t have when in fact we live in a newer and better building.  So, I clicked on it and logged in using my account and password and it worked! Yay! Praise the Lord! Good things do come to those who wait and explore. 🙂

Well, I was just sharing what happened this afternoon.  I will talk about my day someday soon.  Ta! God bless and Happy Sabbath!


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