Act of Kindness: The 3-baht Story

Ever had the “I need to pee so badly” experience but you’re out and not familiar with the place? I had that tonight. I was out to a hair salon with a friend who was getting her hair done while I was working on some stuff with my computer when I felt the desire to go and use the restroom. So, I excused myself out, looked around, entered a different building, looked around again, kept looking until I found the signs leading to the exact location. Then, I found it! Yay! I was so happy. But, that happiness ended when I saw the big 3 number on the poster by the section where a girl collects money to use the said facility. Indeed, happiness deflated. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t hold it anymore. Fortunately, a woman probably waiting for someone using the restroom noticed the look on my face and overheard my sigh, asked and translated for me.

Yay! The girl in-charge of the restroom allowed me to do my business for free. Praise the Lord!

See, kindness still exists. I’m so grateful for that act of kindness shown me. I still believe that despite of sin, there are still many good people around the world and praise God for that. If we all do a little act of kindness everyday even to strangers, “this world can be a better place for you and for me.” 😉

After the hair appointment, my friend and I went up and paid that special 3 baht I owed the kind and generous girl.


The W section…;)


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