Compliments: The Fringe is Back

“You look beautiful today, teacher!” “You look younger, teacher.” “Did we get a new teacher?” These are but of the things that I heard from my colleagues, students, and even a parent today. It actually felt wonderful inside knowing that they noticed. I was embarrassed at first but I survived the friendly teasings and compliments. 🙂 I am glad I made a decision to bring my fringe back. I’ve been toying with the idea to cut but I was not so brave to do so due to the stuff that I went through last year.

I hope I had a photo to show you of my new hairstyle but I was too consumed with work today as my English students are writing nonfiction book reviews therefore we had consultation during class time and even on my free periods. But I will try to take one before the week ends.

Giving and receiving compliments is good. It helps us be more appreciative of others and even of ourselves. Giving compliments take our minds away from ourselves and…

I’m really exhausted. To be continued? 🙂


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