The Diary of a Teacher I: All for the Students

Hmmm…The smell of fried vegetarian sausage fills my tiny cave! It’s 10:58p.m. and I am still up. It’s Thursday night and the busiest night of all the nights. Know why? It’s because it’s the night before Sabbath begins which means chores should be done by now so that tomorrow after work I wouldn’t have to think of beating against time. You see, I get off work at around 3p.m. on Fridays and Sabbath normally begins around 5:50-ish p.m.

Anyway, I just finished cooking and washing clothes, handwash if I might add. I wanted to prepare breakfast tonight so I won’t have to worry about getting up really early tomorrow. 🙂

What happened today?

Something good happened again at school today. Most of my students are paying more attention to their classes lately. I mean the quiz scores are better and the percentage of those who turn in their essays are getting higher. I can’t believe this transition! This is incredible! I am just so elated that they work harder these days. I don’t mind staying a bit late at work and meeting them again after school for consultation just so they can finish their work on time. I am glad that we get to use this Holt The Elements of Language as the our primary textbook. I like how the publisher has arranged the topics. It starts off with Grammar, Sentence and Paragraphs, and Communication which includes Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, Viewing and Representing workshops. In a month, the students get to learn all those four aspects of communication, one week per aspect. We did the Reading Workshop for Nonfiction Book Review writing last week, we broke it down bit by bit for students to fully digest everything about nonfiction book reviews. This week, we jumped into Writing Workshop where they get to write their own nonfiction book review of the books that they like. I have given the students the liberty to choose any nonfiction book so they will have fun reading and reviewing it. After all, it’s a review, right? Of course, I had to check every choice of book to make sure that the books pass the standards of the school. This week, they are going to present their oral critiques in class and let’s see how they’d fare. 🙂 Also, I am happy that they’re taking in this daily vocabulary quiz positively. I guess it has something to do with the fact that one day they are going to take SATs or IELTS test and they are just very eager to pass. You see, we study ten new vocabulary words each week. What I do this quarter is:

Monday – introduce the words to them through an article
Tuesday- spelling quiz
Wednesday-definition quiz
Thursday- synonyms quiz
Friday- synonyms, comprehension, and analogies test

Also, on the first day, I ask them to copy the words in their vocabulary notebook, find the definition and all, then use them in sentences.

I believe that through this method of mastery and reinforcement, the students are able to learn better and remember the words more. It’s actually fun! Next week, I will make puzzles and Who Wants to be a Millionaire activities with them.

Oh, I can’t believe it’s 25 past 11pm. It’s beauty rest time! Will keep you posted on the students’ performance on the test tomorrow. God bless!


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