The Teacher as a Decorator

I’m loving the metamorphosis of my classroom!

Hey, I’m not an artist. That’s a fact. I don’t have any arts, music, or sports genes in my body. But I don’t exactly know what happened to me that my thoughts are filled with classroom decorations. It just started with a little moving of this and that that resulted to an overhaul of the long and narrow bulletin board above my white board. It’s very simple but it’s my creation with God’s inspiration so I am very happy about it.

Anyway, I can’t wait to be back to my classroom tomorrow especially that my English classes are going to start “The Writers’ Club.” LOL. My students are going to start reading a portion of their books.:) Yes, that’s right. They wrote a book and most of them are happy about it. I’m not only happy but very, very proud of them!




How I love being a teacher!😇


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