Why Read a Book


Read a book.
Read a book.
Read a book.

This sentence hasn’t left my brain since I saw this collection of reading quotes in our library today.  Anyway…

Funny how most people appreciate a sumptuous meal, an exotic travel, a melodious tone but very few appreciates a well-written book. Go around and make a survey of people’s favorite dish, trip, or music and they will just answer you without hesitation. However, if you ask about their favorite book, a lot would actually take time because most of them haven’t really took the time to read a book. How unfortunate. If they have read it’s probably something that their English teachers have required them to read and write a report, analysis, or a review about.

Just like many other things in existence in this world, there are tons of convincing reasons why we should read a book. I’d love to enumerate them one by one but time is currently not on my side right now.

But some of the good reasons are: it makes you smart,  improves your vocabulary skills, takes you to places you never imagined of, allows you to experience life at another level, keeps your brain healthy and sharp, helps your writing and reasoning skills, etc.

We are all busy. We all have deadlines to beat but we just have to manage our time wisely and squeeze this reading time in our tight schedules.

Reading is fun, trust me. No, reading is fun, try it.

God bless and Happy Sabbath!



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