Back 😜

I am back! I’ve been looking for the perfect moment to write but I couldnt. Uncountable tasks, though some maybe mundane, have been consuming most of my time.  Where do I find to write? Where do I find the time to let go of my thoughts?

My back is aching. Unbearable. My hands are numb. Unimaginable. My feet can barely carry me. I’m exhausted beyond words but the fact that I had a decent dinner, dripping laundry, sparkling kitchen, almost empty trash bin, and homecooked lunch for tomorrow is easing the aches in my body right now. I’m grateful God inspired me to be busy with chores that I don’t have time to dwell on my mind-boggling thoughts.

Ooooppps, my okras are boiling! 


Cello is feeling lonely here.😁


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