God’s Blessing in a White Plastic Bag

Blessings upon blessings come our way everyday. Sometimes they are beautifully wrapped with flowers and bows and especially delivered to us but sometimes they just call and surprise us. The Mangoes I’ve been itching to change my bulletin boards this quarter. (Well, I don’t it every quarter.) I like updating it based on the quarter’s coverage. Yesterday, I went and bought some poster papers and started using them today. I miscalculated the number of orange posters that I needed so I had to go down to the store and get some. I swung by the copy/supply center first and got some double-sided tape and staples and picked up the report cards as it’s PTC Week before proceeding to the store. On the way, a familiar man emerged from the crowd and beckoned me to come near him, to which I willingly did. We exchanged pleasantries then he ushered me to his van where a plastic filled with mangoes were beautifully kept. He gladly handed them to me and I gleefully accepted them. Oh, what a blessing! He gave me five mangoes–two ripe ones and three green ones. How kind and generous of him! Now, I have more fruits to keep me healthy. Curious who the man is? He’s one of the diligent school van owners who drives students to and fro the school. As I ponder upon the act now and the friendship that I have built with him, I can’t help but just be grateful for what caused this friendship to bloom. I can’t remember what I did or how it started other than my normal routine–greeting with a smile or a “hi” to everyone I meet. Anyway, it’s been another joyous day and I praise God for it. He has shown me His love and provided my needs and even wants (mango is my favorite fruit ever) again. The Journals Today I started my own prayer and gratitude journals. Yes, journals because I used to put them together along with my other thoughts in a special journal but now I decided to writw them in separate notebooks so I can keep tab of everything. Let’s see if I’d be able to keep up of God’s goodness in my life by writing every single one of them. There’s the challenge, Shiela. image Oh, it’s sleeping time. My lullaby will soon stop and I’m still up. Haha. Good night and God bless! Don’t forget to thank God for this life He gave you today including the rest of the blessings. 🙂 Day 1 Prayer Items: 46++ Gratitude Items: 25++


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