I’m Pressing on the Upward Way

I’m pressing on the upward way,
New heights I’m gaining everyday
Still as I homeward bound
Lord, plant my feet on higher ground.:)

Haha! I’m sorry about the lyrics. Safari and iTunes are currently missing.:-(

Well, Happy Sabbath! I am so excited to fellowship with other believers.:)

Oh, I finally finished the 40 Days of Prayer book! Thank God for this accomplishment.

God bless! It’s worship time at Soi 72. Happy Sabbath again! Love you all!


Five Thoughts on a Saturday Night

Thought #1

I thought we had a shot at this but I was wrong.  I was led to believe that something special could actually happen between us but again, I was wrong.  Now, I am confused.  I don’t know what to do.  Most of the time I’d take flight instead of fight but I don’t know what’s going on inside my tiny brain that somehow I am choosing the latter option.  Ughhh, I don’t like this.  Seriously.  I have been doing a great job guarding myself from all the dramas in the world yet here I am immersed in this drama with you.  Ggrrr…This has to stop.  I should follow my mind over my heart this time.  It’s all about proper mindset.

Thought #2

After lunch, I directly went home to change my cute dress to something not really cute and lacy.  While passing through the guardhouse, I cheerfully handed the cooked mama-I-saved-for-snacks-after-church from the cafeteria to the guard.  He gladly received my gift and as I smiled at him my eyes caught something familiar inside the guardhouse.  I looked closer and  realized it looked similar to the boxes I received from Korea a couple of months ago.  I went in and read the label.  Wow! The box was for me! I quickly opened and checked if I had those books/tumblers/shoes I’ve been looking for.  Scanning through all those stuff brought back good old memories of Korea.  Ha! A friend borrowed one of my favorite books already! It’s about a man who decided to read his entire encyclopedia collection.  It was one of the best books ever!

Thought #3

Philippines lost against Thailand in AFF Suzuki Cup.  The score was 2-1.  Sigh.  I am definitely getting a good teasing from my students on Monday.  Good luck, Ms. Shiela!


Thought #4

I have too many appointments lined up this December.  I don’t even know which to prioritize first.  Practice here. Practice there. Practice everywhere.  When did I exactly begin to be a musician? Last time I check I was only about planning and coordinating now I am also performing! God bless to all music ministries at church and in other churches around the world.

Thought #5

Well, I am off to bed.  🙂 Till we meet again, WP. God bless!

Jesus is my ultimate superhero. #fromthesermonatchurchtoday

Music-filled Sabbath

My mobile phone battery is going to die any meet from now. My sister is trying to watch “To the Beautiful You” online but the internet seems to be fluctuating. I am laying in a bed of clothes. I am thinking of folding all these clothes and put them in the locker tonight as I won’t have any time to do household chores tomorrow.

I dressed up like a black lady as usual. I wore this black lace dress with my black fur shoes. The people wondered where I was going to. They said they like my shoes, they like my outfit. Hmm, during the afternoon worship the guest speaker talked about his life and principles in clothing which made me ponder on my own clothing preference. Am I a bad dresser? I don’t know. There are days that I like to wear cute clothes but there are also days that I just want to dress comfortably. But my closet is full of black and lace clothes.

Anyway, today my friends and I played the special music during the divine worship. It was a success. They urged me to sit in front and show myself but I opted to just sit close to the piano. I don’t like exposing myself too much. 🙂 I am so glad that I was able to play cello at church today.

After church we had angklung practice then hung out by the elementary school play ground, talked about life and the future, had worship, then went to MK for dinner, and DQ for some ice cream. I only played with Zia a little bit when I got home. I might give Zia away. 😦 He needs more time and attention. Now, this is making me feel sad. GTG. God bless!

Saturday Night Special

Okay, do you know what time I woke up today? Well, as usual, at 5a.m. Yes, at five in the morning! It’s a Sabbath day.  I could’ve slept in somehow but no…I did not.  My body won’t let me sleep anymore.  My mind was already wide awake.  So, I just did what I do every single day while waking up, went to the restroom, drank a glass of water upon coming back, knelt in prayer, read my Bible, took a shower, and got dressed for church.  But instead of leaving the house before 7a.m. I left before 9a.m.  I did some paper works but failed to send it online due to intermittent internet connection.  Uggghhh! I was distressed but had to let go.  I couldn’t do anything than to admit the fact that there was no other remedy to my pressing dilemma.  Then I hurriedly went to church.  I had to be there at least few minutes before 9a.m. It’s one of my “resolutions” and “responsibilities”.  Here’s the rest of what I did today:

1. Played cello with the church ensemble

2. Gave a short talk on SDA Fundamental Belief #7

3. Prepared Bible Study Hour packets for all 10 classes (thanks Marj for the initiative and thanks ate Janice for the assistance)

4. Joined Salve & Maribe’s Bible Study groups and had lively discussion about living holy lives

5. Played again during the Divine Worship

6. Went for lunch where I continued preparing the Bible Quiz I started during the sermon…Ooppss! Sorry, Lord!:-(

7. Administered the Bible Quiz

8. Joined the first church board meeting from 1:50-4:30p.m. Praise God for the success!

9. Went back to the church to join the Angklung practice but I was late.:-( When I arrived they were just leaving.  I got my stuffs then headed home but it was raining heavily so I stayed by the children’s playground and chatted with my dear friend, Maribe, for about an hour.  We just talked about “him” and “him”. 😀 **Giggles! **:P

10. Arrived home at half past six tonight, dropped my stuffs, then went up to Sam’s place and played with him.

11. Facebook-ed.:D

12. WordPress-ing.

13. Taking a quick shower now and will be going to bed in just few minutes.

I know it’s Saturday night and I can sleep late because tomorrow is Sunday however I am already very sleepy.:-( What happened to me? Something is definitely wrong.:-(

Saturday Night SpeImagecial? Sleeping.

Well, I got to bounce! Talk to you tomorrow. God bless and have a great Saturday night! Love ya!

P.S. My right hand still hurts. :((


Yesterday, we were invited by the youth of the church we love for a 2007 Farewell Party.  They said they were planning to go bowling.  Bowling? Did I hear it right? Honestly, I haven’t played that sport now that I am older.  I felt so excited.  The Sabbath day was a great day for me and I never thought that my Saturday night will be a great one too.  So, after the cooking activity with children at the youth center, we set off to Hongseong.  The ride was a quiet one because we haven’t established the rapport yet.  Finally, we arrived to the place.  “This is it!” I told myself.  We were still on our Sabbath attire.  We were given red bowling shoes.  It was no match with our formal attire but for a change of style it did match after all.  Of course what will you expect from me? I had my first few rounds ZERO.  The ball went to the canal. Hehe.  Then the most exciting part of my game was when I finally had the ball rolling at the center.  Then I hit all thepins down! It was a STRIKE! Wow! “Looks like I have a new sport to learn and enjoy here in Korea,” I talked to myself.  It was a nice experience.  In a short time I learned how to control the ball to hit some pins and if I can’t control it then…not hit…zero!

After the game, we ate at Mr. Pizza.  We enjoyed the vegetarian pizza and the different salads served.  Most of all, we enjoyed the picture taking everywhere..bowling center, mr pizza house, and inside the van..

The youth were so nice to us and we look forward to spending more time with them..

Thanks God for the great day!

Posted on on December 29th, 2007