God-given Friends

If you have been following my blog, you’d notice that my daily life here in Bangkok revolve around very few people. Why don’t I introduce them to you, yeah?

1. Portia- my super petite and girly suster who comes once or twice a month as she’s in the province around 2-3 hrs away from here depending on the traffic. I’m so grateful that God helped her develop the sense of adventure and independence. I like traveling with her.:)

2. Vish- she’s my colleague/neighbor/friend whom I hang out about 70% most of the time. We share the same passion for movies, books, and instruments although we like different genres.:) She’s the one I usually dine with and have occasional sleepovers with.^_^She has also become my nurse as she keeps me sane when I freak out about teeny-tiny things. She’s truly a God-given friend.

3. Ate Delle- she’s the one who comes and cooks food for me and Vish. She’s someone I can invite to go places with me and would go without hesitations. She’s always on-the-go.:) Praise God for her.

4. Sam- the-boy-next-door who likes coming to my place to play with my iPhone, musical instruments, and Monopoly. He’s so cute and adorable.

5. Joane- Sam’s mom who is always a pleasure to hang out with. She likes sharing stories and food.:)

6. Rose- the new colleague and neighbor whom I usually walk home this summer because both of our classes end at 4:30p.m.

7. Jas- Joane’s sister who is my laundry classmate. We usually see each other doing the laundry in the balcony. She has a sweet smile that makes me want to be a reserved, soft-spoken girl. Hehe.

8. The Boys, Rey & Third- they’re the supervisors at school whom we have befriended too. Whenever we need some help with moving or carrying heavy furniture then they’re the go-to guys.:)

9. The Vesper Group- they’re the people I have worship with every Friday night (something I always look forward to at the end of the week. It’s basically composed of families, married couples, kids, relatives, and us–the singles. (My friends and I are the only singles in the group. They’re about 4 or 5 of us who come.) I like being everybody’s AUNTY.:) They also invite us for birthdays and aunty has to buy gifts and babysit at the swimming pool where most of them cling onto my bikini–very disturbing. LOL.

10. Colleagues- people I work with and sometimes eat out with.:):)

11. Janice- a friend from the province who comes and stays with me every weekend so she can go to church. I also play instruments with her. She volunteers to help me with some
chores sometimes.:)

12. NagaViewers- they’re my classmates, schoolmates, and ex-lovers from college who have migrated here to start a family and get a better job. Hanging out with them brings back nostalgic memories. Sometimes we go and spend a weekend by the beach in Pattaya, two hours ride away from here. And again, I’m the aunty their kids play with when we go out. Sometimes they also invite me in their homes to just hang out and spend a couple of days witb them. They’re God’s instruments for my coming here.

See! God blessed me with so many wonderful people to help me enjoy my stay in this foreign land. I must admit that this place feels a lot like home because of the familiar faces and the places similar to Philippines. But I can’t deny that I had so much fun in Korea, too. There I was veeeerrryyyyy independent. Here I am more of a human enjoying simple things–being a friend, an “aunt”, etc. I have more “humanitarian” activities here. In Korea, I was always out seeing new places–in and out of the country. I made friends, too–friends I will treasure forever. With all these people I’ve met, I have learned (still learning) to let my guard down and remind myself that no matter how crazy our world has become that it’s not wrong to fully let go of myself and start letting people into my life without resevations. I’ve always believed that “people always leave.” Therefore, I do not really let the whole of me out of my shell–afraid to get attached and be hurt. Thankfully God has been helping me see the reality of life–that He always look out for me and I just have to let Him and His people in without “what ifs and buts.”


A Little Act of Kindness

It was almost seven o’clock when we left Bangkok Adventist Hospital. My friend and I arrived there at 5:10pm. I was twenty minutes earlier than my scheduled appointment. I was so glad that after months of waiting for this particular doctor I finally got to meet him! Praise the Lord! I have heard so much about him that my friends wanted to meet him (and I actually told him all those beautiful things that my friends and colleagues said about him). He gave me around 50 minutes of his time–so accomodating. He explained everything I wanted to know. He was indeed very nice.:) After signing some forms at the cashier and getting meds from the pharmacy, we went to the hospital’s store then decided to have supper at the caf where I ordered vegetarian fish fried rice. It was something I never had before. I devoured it as soon as the plate landed on my table. It was delicious!:) So, we wanted to go home by bus, okay? While looking for a bus stop, I asked my friend if she wanted to take a cab instead and she agreed. I was so pleased but then I remembered about that taxi incident with the American guy who refused to pay 55 baht that cost his life. I prayed earnestly for God to send us a kind cab driver and he did! The hospital’s back gate guards helped us get a cab after seeing us desperately wait for a cab across the hospital. So kind of them! In my broken Thai, I told the driver where we were going to. (We were still outside, okay? Normally they’d roll down the window but he didn’t.) Prayerfully, I reiterated our destination and he just repeated what I said and drove off. Instead of making a U-Turn where I thought we were supposed to make a turn going home, he just went on and drove. I paid attention to his driving and the streets where we were passing by. When suddenly he stopped and I saw lights everywhere. I was surprised to see them! That sight reminded me of Korea. They decorate their streets with lights during Christmas season. I kept my focus on the lights now. I was mesmerized that I had to ask the driver if I could roll down the window and he…


…pressed something that made it possible for me to take this photo. Praise the Lord!

It was a very smooth ride home that despite the Thai vs Liverpool friendly match we were home in 30 mins. or less. We arrived home–safely. He even gave me 3 baht discount from the fare. Sweeet, right?

Well, this princess here is off to bed. It’s almost midnight. God bless!

Kanchanaburi, Here We Come!

What did they say? A picture is worth a thousand words. Right?

Yeah, apparently Miss Shiela has been awfully busy touring around Bangkok that she is not able to write a blog entry. I missed two days already! I was thinking of posting something after my prayer and Bible reading. Guess what? I woke up around 4-ish today with the phone righg beside me.:-( Not so cool.

Anyway, my friends (including my sister) and I are here at a travel agency waiting for our 7am van to Kanchanaburi. We booked a day trekking. It’s 7:04am now and the van isn’t here yet. Well, I better eat my special breakfast sponsores by 7-Eleven. Haha.