Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com!


Wow! It’s been six amazing years. How wonderful! Thanks, WordPress, for allowing me to share my thoughts here with you and the people who take time to read my written thoughts. 🙂 God bless and more power to you!


Etihad vs Qatar vs Emirates

It has been days since I’ve been agonizing over the flight to the US and back.  This is going to be my first long haul flight and I am both excited and worried at the same time.  I have been looking for flights and I just can’t make a decision.  I know that the airfare is getting more and more expensive by the hour but I want to be sure that I make the right choice before purchasing this super expensive tickets. Sigh.  Will somebody help me? Which one would you choose if you were to fly from Bangkok to Dallas and back?

a. Emirates (A380-800)


  • 50,600 baht
  • 24hrs 10min (going) with 1hr 55min stopover in Dubai and
  • 31hrs 45min (coming back) with 10 hours 30 minutes stopover in Dubai also

b. Etihad (77W/77L)


This is the cheapest by far actually came up with three options.

A.  41,990 baht -leaving on my desired dates but stopping over in AUH and ORD.

  • 29hrs 36min (going) with 3 hrs stopover in AUH and another 3 in ORD
  • 23hr 50min (coming back) with 3 hrs stopover in AUH

B. 41,990 baht –leaving on my desired dates but stopping in AUH and FRA.

  • 29hrs 5min (going) with 3 hrs stopover in AUH and another 5 in FRA
  • 23hr 50min (coming back) with 3 hrs stopover in AUH

C. 41,655 baht – leaving two days earlier

  • 26hrs and 20min (going) with 3 hrs stopover in AUH
  • 23hr 50min (coming back) with 3 hrs stopover in AUH
c. Qatar Airways (777-300ER/200LR)

Qatar 777-200LR Artwork K64989

  • 48,120 baht with 25 hours flight going and coming back with a 3-3.25 hrs stopover in DOH
Which is which?
Dear God, please help me see Your will. In Jesus name, Amen.

The Answered “Unsaid” Prayer

I’ve been fighting the urge to write since I received another answered prayer this morning right after I prayed. Technically, I didn’t pray-pray for it. The thought of doing it cross my mind while I was praying. So, it’s basically God answering my prayer even before I even prayed for it. I mean, it’s more of God providing even before I asked. Yes, that’s right. I know there’s a Bible verse that says something like that but I just can’t remember it.

Anyhow, I badly wanted to write about this incident but I needed to have breakfast and get on with work. I actually bought a pen and a notebook just so I can write these thoughts down but breakfast happened with a colleague at the table. So, for fear of offending someone, I decided to wait till I was at my classroom to write but then again work happened and the day just went by without me writing anything. Now, here I am, just about to shut my eyes and thank God for another day, putting my thoughts into this tiny-emitting-light screen in the midst of darkness.

Now, what could be so special about this answered prayer?

I volunteered for a teaching position at a college somewhere really far. It’s a country with a language that piqued my interest. Well, it’s not the only country that speaks it but it’s by far the only country I can go to ASAP and learn that language while I do what I love and that is being involved in God’s ministry.  However, there’s more to the desire of going there and serving Him like booking tickets, packing, researching about the place, the flight, etc. I’m afraid my brain will explode any minute from now for information overload. Haha. Exaggeration. Sorry. I mean there are just a gazillion things to read before making a decision. You know what they say, “Experience is always the best teacher.” Therefore, I am learning from the experience of others. 🙂

Oooppsss…it’s 22:29 already.


Thank You Lord for this awesome day!

God bless!

A Blissful Thursday :)

Taking an hour nap after work definitely disrupts my sleeping habit. I’ve been taking a nap everyday this week and every time I wake up I feel so energized to go for a walk and cook. What is happening to me? I barely read. I “play” a movie to keep me company. Lol. But tonight I chose to listen to a sermon but it stopped in the middle so I played Dr. Heidi Cerna’s piano collection and it has been playing since 8:30pm. Anyway, I’m off to bed. I still need to write in my journals. 🙂

P.S. I’m so glad that I met my students’ parents today and was able to talk about their children’s progress at school and was able to pray for them. How I love being a teacher! We also had a five-minute exercise in my classes today. Students had a blast! This might become a routine now. 🙂




Snap shots of my journalism 11C class today. Concept mapping 101.:)

Night and God bless, folks. Love, love, love from me. Mwah!