“Life is full of surprises” is one of my favorite lines and I agree to it 101%.  We don’t know what will happen.  We may have planned everything perfectly but still some things happen unexpectedly.  I guess it’s not on how we planned things in our lives that is so significant but I guess it is how we carry on unexpected things that come our ways.  Another thought that is playing on my mind is a text message from a friend…”high school life is different but what matters most is now, right?”  well, that friend is correct…i was just trying to argue that we were not close friends when we were in high school while now we are behaving this way…i must admit that when we get older we get to be more matured in dealing with some things…of course, we can’t just put a bubble gum under a chair or slap one’s face or even pull one’s hair now that we are older…what is really important is that there are some common things that people share that keeps them together as if they were close before…what i am trying to say here is that…we should never close our doors for people who are interested to befriend us..i have said this before and i’m going to say this again…life is all about relationships..degrees, career, fat bank account is nothing if we don’t have someone to share it with…like our family, friends or even special someone…just an advice to workaholic people: MANAGE YOUR TIME WELL..YOUR CAREER WON’T TAKE CARE OF YOU WHEN YOU GET OLDER…THEREFORE, MAINTAIN A GOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH PEOPLE DEAR TO YOUR HEART AND MOST OF ALL KEEP GOD AS YOUR FIRST PRIORITY IN LIFE. Who knows? The person sitting close to you in the office is the one meant for you…Hahaha…Just a thought! The Bible says, “Do good anyway…”

Posted on on February 12th, 2007


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